KZCash Mining Pool :: Payout system: PPLNS :: Algo: x11

Stratum Port: stratum+tcp:// :: Nicehash: 6339

More ports:
6335 - vardiff, starts with 0.01
6336 - vardiff, starts with 1
6337 - diff: 10
6338 - diff: 100
6339 - diff: 200
6340 - diff: 1200
6341 - diff: 16000
Getting Started Guide

1. Create account.

  • Register here, or login if you already have account
  • Create a worker that will be used by the miner to login

2. Download a miner or get an ASIC.

3. Configure your miner or ASIC.

    Settings for Stratum (recommended):

    Password:Worker Password

    You then need to change "-u Weblogin.Worker -p Worker password" to reflect your own account. Eg, "-u Steve.StevesWorker -p StevesWorkerPassword". Then go to "File => Save as" and save the file as "RunMe.bat" in the same folder as minerd. You are now ready to mine, double click on "RunMe.bat" to start mining. If you want, you can create additional workers with usernames and passwords of your choice here

4. Create a UCOM address to receive payments.

  • Downloading the client & block chain: Download the UCOM client from here.

    Generate a new address and input it on your account page to receive payments.